Welcome to Guido’s Family Business Podcast featuring Guido Coguts and his brother, Fat Tony.

    • Each Podcast Features Business News that can impact your online family business
    • Guido and Fat Tony take your questions and answer them with their own unique way.
    • In our most popular segment the boys review products that are made to help your online business ….   these products are priced so good you would think they fell off the back of a truck. 
    • Now coming to your almost live, from the office located just past the Lap Dance room of the Bada Bing Nightclub in East Rutherford New Jersey
    • It’s Time for your favorite Online Goombas since Mario and Luigi, here they are, Guido Coguts and his brother Fat Tony.
    • Extro

      Well that ends another exciting and hilarious episode of Guido’s Family Business.

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      • now get outta here before the guys come out and throw you a beatin… go on get outta here. 
      • (Hot Mic Pick Up) OK guys the shows over, where did that pasta and gravy go that Mrs. Mancini sent over. Is there any of that left, Fat Tony save some for me…. (Fade out) 


      Music and additional sound will be added post production.

      This is a concept podcast that must be approved by my business partners so my budget is limited. 

      Talk Soon

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