8 Best Kodi Builds For 2019

1. No Limits Magic – For Kodi 17.6 & Kodi 18

No Limits Magic is without a doubt one of the best Kodi builds in 2019. This Kodi build uses Aeon Nox 5: Silvo Skin which has a clean and well-organized interface. One of the benefits of installing No Limits Magic Kodi build is the addons it bundles. You can find popular Kodi addons like Quantum, Elysium, Covenant, BOB Unleashed and Bennu. Addons have been neatly segregated into different categories such as Movies, Music, TV Shows, Live TV, and Sports.

No Limits Magic Build Repository Link: http://nolimitsbuilds.com/kodi/

2. Lobo Build – For Kodi 17.6

Lobo Build is another Kodi build that you will always find in the list of best Kodi Builds because of its always working streaming link, neatly organized interface and regular updates. The build comes with Kodi addons like Yoda, Exodus Redux, Monster Munch, Maverick TV, and Deceit. Lobo Build uses Aeon Nox skin and has the download size of just 170MB. All the addons are categorized into sections like All-in-one, Kids, Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Sports.

Lobo Build Repository Link: http://onenation.info/Repo

3. Red Wizard Kodi Build – For Kodi 18 & 17.6

Presented by One Alliance Reborn Team, Red Wizard Kodi Build offers an easy to use interface with no excessive fancy stuff. One of the highlights of Red Wizard Kodi build is its ‘Live TV’ section which is a treasure for cord cutters. In addition to Live TV channels, there are some best Kodi addons like SportsDevil, UK Turks Playlist, Exodus Redux, and Yoda. The installation procedure is easy, and the developers have added Unpause Jumpbacks to jump playback by 10 seconds without pausing the stream.

Red Wizard Kodi Build Repository Link: http://onealliancereborn.com/repo/

4. Slamious 18 – For Kodi 18 Leia

Slamious is one of the most popular builds for Kodi 18 that is trending these days. With the download size of 246 MB, it is a heavy Kodi build but it offers a lot of customization options to users. Slamious 18 is based on the Confluence Skin which is known for its eye-catchy interface. This Kodi build has sections like Live TV, Sports, Kids, System, Movies, and Music.

Slamious 18 Kodi Build Repository Link: http://www.onenation.info/

5. Kodi Collusion – For Kodi 17.6

If you are looking for a lightweight Kodi build, then there are very few that can compete with the Kodi Collusion build. This build comes with a simple user interface and works flawlessly even on low-end devices. Requiring just 200 MB of memory, Kodi Collusion build also allows you to integrate your Real Debrid account to make streaming videos easier. Moreover, it also has some of the top Kodi addons like Placenta, Supremacy, Planet MMA and Maverick TV.

Kodi Collusion Build Repository Link: http://www.onenation.info/Portal/

6. Titanium Kodi Build – For Kodi 17.6

Titanium is undoubtedly one of the most popular Kodi builds that you can use in 2019. This build comes with a large number of working Kodi addons that get updated regularly. You can find sections like Movies, free live tv, sports, and kids in this Kodi build. It uses Xonfluence Skin which has been derived from Kodi Skin Confluence. Additionally, it also has a dedicated section for downloading Android APKs.

Titanium Kodi Build Repository Link: http://repo.supremebuilds.com

7. Nebula Build – For Kodi 18 Leia

Another Kodi build from One Nation Kodi build wizard, Nebula is a popular build that bundles popular Kodi addons such as Deceit, SportsDevil and many more. This build might be too flashy for some who like to have a minimalist Kodi interface. However, the build doesn’t disappoint at all in terms of the bundled addons. We recommend you to install this build in high-end devices as it is of 271 MB in size.

Nebula Kodi Build Repository Link: http://repo.supremebuilds.com

8. Gamer Kodi Build – For Kodi 17.6

Gamer Kodi Build, as evident from its name, is a video game focused Kodi build that has been developed by Grindhouse Kodi Wizard. At just 118 MB, Gamer Kodi build is one of the best Kodi builds for Firestick and other low-end devices. The video game-themed build has categories like Arcade, Movies, Action heroes, Standup Comedy, Music, and Sports.

Gamer Kodi Build Repository: http://grindhousekodi.tk/repo/