Cabin Fever Leaving you Hot & Bothered

As the long cold days of winter dredge on, my dreams turn to a sunny afternoon creek-side. The low hum of my 12 Volt Pump gently splashing water down the sluice. Anticipating the flashes of Shimmering gold in the riffles.

For now it’s only a dream. The ice in the water on my favorite sluicing spot, is several inches thick.

I put away all my prospecting equipment months ago when I winterized my travel trailer. Another year in the books.

I could start panning all my cons by hand. I again this year, abandon my cons after a few long hard cold lonely hours in the basement of my house. Somehow it’s just not the same

My Problem 1:  
My Problem 2:  
My Problem 3:  
Simpatico Point 1: I know I’m not alone. Every winter thousands of stouthearted prospectors just like me retreat to the dark and lonely basement or ice cold garage to pan our cons. Each bucket of cons represents untold hours of hard work on the creek. I kinda dread the hours of backbreaking panning ahead of me. I’m tired and depressed. I look over in the corner and there is the bucket of cons I never got to last years.  

Does this sound like you?

Teaching: I used to be the same way. It is so frustrating knowing the riches that each bucket holds is just a pan away.  

One solution is to leave out your favorite mini sluice box or mini high banker and start feeding those cons. Just like Gold Rush you are up against that clock with winter closing in. Soon it will be just too cold to be splashing around with your sluice box or high banker.

That is when cabin fever starts to set in.

Simpatico Solution 1: Wouldn’t it be great if you had a Table Top Water Table to seperate your cons. Even better what if your Table Top Water Table had a bag of cons loaded with gold that you put in yourself.  

How much fun is the Gaurantee of Finding Gold on those long and lonely cold winter nights.

Simpatico Solution 2: Imagine ordering Bags of Cons salted with gold from all over the country. Celebrate the differences of East Coast Gold vs Idaho Hard Rock Gold. Imaging running a bag from the gold fields of California then panning the finer gold from the ancient flows of Georgia Gold.  

Our Mini Miller Table Solution lets you enjoy all the fun of a weekend at the creek, in the comfort and warmth of your home.

CTA: Our Winter Solstice Sale is On. With the purchase of our Mini Miller Table you get an 8 oz bag of gold cons with salted gold. Great for a few hours of fun as you find Real Gold. Hop online and order a couple more bags to keep you in tip top panning condition.