Online Business in 5 Steps

Welcome to Guido’s Family Business.  Today we’re going to talk more about internet marketing and building an online business on the cheap.  I got a lot of mail about my comment, that I made on my podcast, about how you can make money online for little or no money.. It’s true. 

Here’s about 5 Steps that will get you well on your way to making money on line. First Off  what is Internet Marketing, You could go back to my previous Podcast or Posts for a more in depth discussion about internet Marketing or I could just tell you that Internet Marketing is…

Internet Marketing is an essential part of promoting your online business. If you don’t use some kind of targeted internet marketing how will your customer base ever find you? How will they know you even exit.


So here are my 5 Step Online Business Guide

Step 1: Send out a weekly Email Newsletter with links to your website and helpful hints and tips regarding your industry.

When I first started my online business I would never send out Email or Newsletter featuring stories and news that might be of interest to my customers.

Have you ever missed an opportunity to talk to potential customers?

Send automated email messages was kinda complicated until I found an easy to use Email Auto Responder that was worked great. We offer it to our customers that sign up for our $20 a month websites. 

When your sign up for our $20 Entry Level Website, you also get a crash course in building your email list and a free guide to making your first free product offer. 

Step 2: Offer to write a free post or article for another website. You’ll get a link back to your site and you could even use this to promote yourself as an expert in your industry.

So often I would review a product or process and never offer it to the product manufacturer to use as a testimonial.

Have you ever written a product review on Facebook or put a message on Facebook promoting or slamming a product or event? We all have.

Our Review Plugin makes product reviews easy. A professionally written review will be something any manufacturer would be happy to place on their website. Just be sure to add a link back to your website. 

Step 3: Approach a site with a proposition to do a link exchange and product review if they’ll add a link to your site.

Everyone needs and loves cheerleaders. I have often championed and defended a product online without asking for anything in return. My time and Passion for a product is something that you just can’t buy.

Have you ever promoted something just because you like it?

We all have, now get paid by a link. When you ask for something in return, if your content is good enough, companies will be happy to promote your testimonial and your comments.

You can start to build a name for yourself by adding a comment to current blog posts or article on the industry leader in your niche market. 

Sometimes product developers enjoy defending the merits of their product on a “Public Forum”.  Be it Facebook or the Comment area of a post or article product developers are quick to respond and defend their products. 

If you choose to give a negative review of a product do it professionally. If you make your attacks personal instead of in the interest of making a better product you will be ignored. A crisp clear concise rebuke of a product is always welcome by most Product Developers.  

Step 4: Create a Blog and Post Content Regularly to attract visitors and links. This is an essential marketing technique in this day and age.

When I first had a Blog I posted sporadically at best. Every couple days Google would scan my site and since there was no changes the visits from Google became less and less.

Do you think that Google has abandon your site?

Adding fresh content is key. If you dislike or feel uncomfortable creating content you can always buy content. We have a special offer from a company that has a program that creates fresh content quickly and easily.

Step 5. Integrate Social Media sharing onto posts and content on your site.

Many of you are probably saying how a mamaluke like me could make so many mistakes and still have a successful website.

Yes I too ignored social media for a while. You may not want to share your online business with your personal Facebook page.

The solution is easy. Start a Business or Fan Page. Don’t discount the power of Facebook Groups.

Take you time to set up a Corporate Facebook page, and Linked-In Profile and a Twitter account. The rewards will be many if done right.

In Conclusion

These tips should get you well on you way to making your first dollar online. If a big old oaf like me could make a decent income online, then anyone can. Thank goodness that the Internet is perhaps the most forgiving business platform. You would think that is was made for a big dummy like me. 

Even with all the mistakes I have made and continue to make, I still earn enough affiliate revenue that it allowed me to quit my day job. 

At first things were slow, however the slow rise in revenue could be graphed along with my increase in visitors. The more visitors the more time my products are presented to an audience.

It’s a numbers game. The more information you have the more narrow your offers can be. Your goals should be 1 Sale for each 10 Visitors. Next time we will talk about finding inexpensive products so you can start to build you list of Active Buyers.