Guido’s Family Business Podcast

You can here the previous 2 shows to get an idea of how they go.
I would like to do something early Friday After Noon and Introduce it on IMPUB if ready.

Here is the show:

Part 1: Comedy Bit “Open Mic”
Here I will test my Mic and your Audio for the Podcast.
Fat Tony my Brother and Show engineer (Who is Never Scene or Heard) starts to pester me about having you do a reading for him. I insult him and ask you if it’s OK. You Agree.
I say lets get the show on the road… Yo, Sally Knuckles roll that Inrto…

Part 2: The Intro Plays

Part 3: Welcome and Intro of Fat Tony, Sally Knuckles and our Guest Today Internet Marketer, Programmer and Mystic.. Rob Maggs. We do a little chit chat and talk about where you are from.

Part 4: I talk about a summery of what you do: So I Understand that you offer a very specific service to all the internet marketers and product developers out there. Can you tall us what it is?
Rob Maggs: Tell them how you offer a service that reviews products, review sales pages and product funnel and offer a mystic service to help them move forward.
Giudo Coguts: Let me get this straight, you help people and companies get there ducks in a row and test their software and sales page and funnel but you also offer a Mystic Service. What kind of Mystic Service do you Offer?
Rob Maggs: You start talking about how the universe is all tied together and clarity is where most people fail when doing a product or business launch. Something as simple as a Tarot Card Reading sometimes brings clarity to a problem and enable the business owner to move forward.
Guido Coguts: Some people may look at this a something negative.
Rob Maggs: Tarot Reading is no different then reading your Horoscope in the Newspaper. Do you think that is negative. Tarot has been given such a bad reputation because as with all things people use it to take advantage of others. I use it to help other internet marketers or business people get out of a rut by changing their focus.
Guido Coguts: I’m kinda intrigued by this. OK Rob give me a Reading Here Live on the air and let’s see how this thing works. When you are done with me Fat Tony want a reading too. So what do I need to do to get started.

All right we’ll Be Right Back with my Tarot Reading

Part 5: Guido Coguts: OK we’re back, so Rob let’s get started.


Guildo Coguts: Wow I know exactly what that card is talking about. Wow now I understand and I really do see things much clearer. Now Do Fat Tony.

Guido Coguts: Fat Tony says that your reading is spot on. He thanks you. So Rob lets say that I’m a programmer and I’m overwhelmed about launching my first product what do you do to help me get it together.

Part 6: Rob Maggs: (Explain how you test the Product, The Sales Page, The Sales Funnel and Delivery system, plus offer a reading to get them moving forward.)
Guido Coguts: SO do you charge a flat Fee for your service or do you charge a flat fee plus get a percentage of the sales.
Rob Maggs: (Explain your Fee Structure.)
Guido Coguts: So if someone listening to this broadcast wants to get in touch with you how do they do that.
Rob Maggs: (Give Contact Info and tell them about a Free Offer for the first 100 visitors. Offer trip wire product.) 
Guido Coguts: Wow that sounds incredible. I hope that any of your out there will take advantage of this free offer from Rob. Hey Rob, I want to thank you for visiting us today on line. You have a unique service that I’m sure it will help a lot of people.

Part 7: Rob Maggs: Thanks for inviting me Guido and give my best to Fat Tony and the Gang.

Part 8: Guido Coguts: OK Cheers Mate… Well that ends another exciting episode of Guido’s Family Business. I hope you enjoyed it. IF you have any comments or suggestion for upcoming shows you can always contact me at Guido Coguts at or my brother FatTonyCoguts @ For my Guest Rob Maggs, Fat Tony in the Booth and the rest of the gang this is your online Gumba Guido Coguts saying Forget About It… Yo Sally Knuckles roll that thing.